Dingle Way Challenge -❤Ireland Travels❤

Every year a GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association of Ireland) Club in co.Kerry Ireland hosts a walk called the Dingle Way Challenge. It’s a full days hike and it takes you around some of the most beautiful parts of Dingle and the surrounding areas.



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El Calafate – Argentina Travels❤

This was possibly the most beautiful place in Argentina that I visited! El Calafate is in the southern edge of Patagonian Ice Fields and I used it as a base like most do for visiting Perito Moreno Glacier and Los Glaciares National Park.It looks like a ski village with timber buildings and has a lovely relaxed vibe. If you take a walk to the edge of town you can see flamingos and other types of birds.

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Hill walking/Hiking – Is it any good?


I decided to start the gym last year to get healthier. Now the gym is great but if you are doing reps, trying to get to the end of them feels like eternity!  Hill walking or hiking is a different matter though, I really like it as when you are in a scenic area then you don’t notice how far you’ve exercised. I recently completed a 40 km walk challenge and I can honestly say I found it fine until the last 5 km. I don’t think I could say then same if I was to do that in a gym! Here are some of the benefits of hill walking/hiking…

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