Dingle Way Challenge -❤Ireland Travels❤

Every year a GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association of Ireland) Club in co.Kerry Ireland hosts a walk called the Dingle Way Challenge. It’s a full days hike and it takes you around some of the most beautiful parts of Dingle and the surrounding areas.



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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

After a very busy 2016 which saw me change jobs, move house and more, I would like to set into 2017 with a few aims. I don’t like to say resolutions as it puts too much pressure!I’m sure you all have your own personal aims and goals. Here are some quotes that I love for motivation and to set myself on the right path…..

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Getting Ready to Move!

So I have had a busy week packing for my move! Moving is a little overwhelming at times and I always get a little anxious but I think I’m just about ready!It is crazy how much ‘stuff’ we accumulate over a few years. I’ve taken it as an opportunity to do a spring clean at the same time. Here’s some quick tips to keep the stress levels down if you are planning a move soon…

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Let’s do this 2016…Aims & Goals

So we are nearly into the third week of January, some of us are recovering from the  craziness that is the Christmas party season and a demanding December at work. In a way I kinda love the January feeling as its like hitting the reset button, things we didn’t get a chance to do or some aims we might have started to give up on are renewed again. After a pretty awful 2014, I have to say 2015 was unbelievably great for me and I have a feeling 2016 is gonna be better. Here are my aims for January and 2016…

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Be More Confident.♡

Confidence is amazing thing to have whether it’s work related, relationships or just life in general. It will help you to try new things, meet new people and succeed where you might have fallen down before. Some people are naturally confident but others need to build it. Here are some tips on how to build a new confident you and to go after the life you’ve always wanted….

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A little something to help stay positive….

Hi All, I wanted to share with you something that helped me stay positive through some of the more crappier days in life. Last year was a particularly awful year by most standards for me.I was doing ok but one day as I was browsing through the bookstore (I love books and reading!) and I ended up in front of a book called The Power of Your Subconscious Mindby Dr Joseph Murphy.

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Hill walking/Hiking – Is it any good?


I decided to start the gym last year to get healthier. Now the gym is great but if you are doing reps, trying to get to the end of them feels like eternity!  Hill walking or hiking is a different matter though, I really like it as when you are in a scenic area then you don’t notice how far you’ve exercised. I recently completed a 40 km walk challenge and I can honestly say I found it fine until the last 5 km. I don’t think I could say then same if I was to do that in a gym! Here are some of the benefits of hill walking/hiking…

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Happy Easter!!

It was such a beautiful day here today (check out the pics below!) and the weather was amazing! I took in some much needed fresh air on one of Irelands beautiful beaches.

Hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday and didn’t make themselves too sick from all the chocolates!


Happy Easter!x