Esteros del Iberá – Argentina Travels

I couldn’t travel all the way to south america without taking in some of its amazing nature. This one was a pretty tricky one to organise though. I couldn’t find a huge amount of info from this side of the world but ended up organising it when I got there!

Where I stayed…

There wasn’t a huge lot of options accommodation wise for us as we literally booked two days beforehand. We ended up staying at Manantiales Hotel Casino in Virasoro which despite its star rating was worse than some of the hostels I stayed in. The room looked like a crime scene but the bed sheets looked clean at least. We were fairly exhausted and got food in the restaurant the first night which was probably the closest thing to road kill that I’ve ever eaten, I had to use a steak knife to cut the chicken. On the plus side, the bottle of wine was unreal…LOL. My advice, try to stay in a different town close by that has more accommodation options as there is literally nothing else to do here.

What to do…..

The entire reason we stayed in Virasoro was to head to Esteros del Ibera, Jose from Rincon Tres Lagunas collected us from the hotel and dropped us back again. His family has land in the wetlands and he does excursions for small and large groups. As he is from the area, he has a lot of knowledge about the area and the wildlife and he speaks great english as well as his native spanish.It took about an hour to get to his place and when we arrived, there was pastries and Mate tea,a traditional Argentinian tea for us. These were actually amazing!Jose has a lady from the local village cook for the visitors and she’s unreal. We were on the property for the entire day, snacks were provided but we brought our own lunch and you have use of the cabin kitchen to prepare your food. We took a walk on part of the lands and then went on boat later in the day when it was cooler. It was really easy to see the wildlife and really fun. We saw caiman crocs, capybara and monkeys…up pretty close too! For the hotter part of the day we just relaxed on the porch in the hammocks which was absolute bliss after all the traveling we had done! You could watch the wild horses…yes, actual horses!…wander by as you relaxed on the hammock. I would definitely recommend this if you have an interest in wildlife.

Hints and tips….

  • The mosquitoes are pretty bad here,I brought repellent with deet in it but had a really bad reaction to it so ended up having to rinse it off again! I ended up with a few bites.
  • If you can, organise well in advance to you have more options for accommodation. Ours was far too expensive for what it was!
  • It gets VERY hot and humid so make sure you wear really airy clothes and bring a change of clothes too.
  • You can get in the water if you are brave enough so bring swim gear too.


I hope this helps if you are heading to this area, I found it very difficult to organise from home but I’ve linked the company above that I used and you can contact Jose directly.

Hope this helps, Happy Travels.xx

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