Halloween How To – Mouth Slit/Joker Smile

Halloween is just around the corner so here is an idea or two for Halloween makeup if you are needing it!

This one is quite easy, you can wear a simple dress and curls in the hair, start by doing a simple makeup which is all about the liner and lashes and red lips. Then you can start the cut on the face.For it you will need…

  • Liquid latex
  • cotton wool
  • cotton buds
  • fake blood
  • face paints with a red and black (any halloween shop will have them)







Start by drawing the shape of the cut using a lip liner.











Then apply the liquid latex to the cut you have drawn. Beware that liquid latex is SUPER sticky so do not use it on areas with hair( this can also double as a joker smile on a guy/girl)

Stick your cotton wool to the liquid latex and apply more latex over the cotton wool.Build so you get a ridge with a hollow in the middle.If the latex is taking a while to dry,then use your hair dryer on a cool setting to speed it up.







Apply foundation to the dried liquid latex and then apply you face paints in red and black,blood dries darker so use the black around the edges. Then apply the liquid blood. You can play around with this for a while til you get the colour you are happy with.









All done!Sorry about the super exposure that was going on with my pics giving me a halo,lol, my camera was on the blink!Hope this gave you some inspiration!Have a great day.xx

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