La Spezia Holiday Review

So I have been very quiet lately mainly cos I have been so busy!But I did manage to fit in my holiday to Italy which has been one of my dream places to visit for years! My first few stops included La Spezia and Pisa which were beautiful, filled with picturesque villages and of course the famous leaning tower!



I flew into Pisa but didn’t spend a whole lot of time there unfortunately, only one night. There is one thing I can tell you for definite, it had the most friendly and helpful Italian’s in all of Italy! I did get to see the iconic Leaning Tower which is actually quite cool to see up close.It is very impressive, as is cathedral and baptistery in the Piazza Dei Miracoli or the Piazza Del Duomo as it is also called.I stayed in the Affittacamere Delfo which were quite close to this area and it was basic but lovely and clean with good aircon. The owner was also lovely and helpful which was great.





I stayed in La Spezia which is a short train journey east of Cinque Terre and a lot more affordable than staying in Cinque Terre itself. The Gulf of La Spezia is known as the Gulf of the Poets and I can see why it would inspire as it is really beautiful.



Italian people are generally quite friendly, generous and helpful but be prepared for some of the negatives also.They can be extremely impatient and rude especially when it comes to waiting their turn in queues! I heard and saw one Italian girl actually ignore the British man who was talking to the girl at the information kiosk,push past him and talk over him in Italian. What was worse was the girl at the information kiosk replied and then began to ignore the poor British man that she had been helping, even with him saying excuse me! i was speaking! which was ignored by both girls. This is common, while ordering coffee, food, tickets…be prepared for it to happen at least once or twice or possibly daily!They can also sometimes sound irritated or angry about things they should be helping you with. I found this annoying, if you are dealing with the public then you are gonna get asked questions and have to help people. I felt it would have been easier sometimes if they just did that from the start instead of making a big song and dance about it. This obviously won’t be everywhere and I don’t want you to think horribly of them but you are sure to encounter it at some point so be prepared.


The food can be amazing in some places, try to eat where the Italians eat as they know good food. I ate at a place called All’Inferno in La Spezia which has traditional cooking, it was quite cheap and nice. I got the most yummy breakfast in Bar Davi in Monterosso, I would definitely recommend it.I also ate at an amazing little place also in Monterosso called La Prosciutteria delle 5 Terre, it was beautiful food and atmosphere with great presentation.



I stayed at the Lungomare Rooms & Charme, which was really beautiful. The room was really girly so a guy might feel overwhelmed but I loved it!Also they were very helpful in recommending places to eat and things to see. Check it out here


La Spezia is a really chilled out place, it was very family orientated and you could see parents,grandparents and children all out chatting and relaxing til late. There are movies being shown at the park and music sometimes. We took the boat to Cinque Terre for the day to relax. The boat ride stops at the 5 hamlets of Cinque Terre..Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola & Riomaggiore. There are varying prices for the boat,we got the boat there and the train back as it was quicker. It cost €20 for us to go one way and €30 if we were to return on the boat. Monterosso is beautiful and quaint little place that is definitely worth a visit.


Try and get the boat as early as possible if you are to going to visit all of the five hamlets of Cinque Terre in one day as you will want to see as much as possible. The Trenitalia ticket from Pisa to La Spezia cost €10.50 which was reasonable. It is always best to check prices, this doesn’t just go for restaurants but soft drinks and snacks can vary hugely from place to place.Also, you get charged to use public toilets nearly everywhere in Italy which is usually around €1 – €2.


I loved the chilled out, beach vibe of Monterosso and would definitely recommend a visit there, La Spezia is also lovely but bigger in size and a great base if you want to see Cinque Terre also. If I had more time then I would love to see a few more of the villages in Cinque Terre. I didn’t see much of Pisa but the people were by far the friendliest and it is definitely worth a visit.

So enjoy and Safe travels.xx




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