Skin Food Requirements by Age

We spend a fortune on creams and lotions to improve our skin but what we eat is far more important! Here are a few tips for glowing skin through the years…..

For Teenagers –ย Teenage skin needs Zinc for the correct functioning of the sebaceous glands. This helps prevent acne and thus the possibility of acne scarring. Foods that are a good source of zinc are lean meat,fish,seeds,nuts,spinach,beans and mushrooms.

20’s and 30’s –ย As we get older we can get adult acne too, watching your diet and reducing sugar will help balance blood sugar and hormone levels thus keeping acne at bay. Lycopene and Beta Carotene help protect against UV damage. Stock up on watermelon,papaya,red peppers,mango and cooked tomatoes for Lycopene and orange and yellow vegetables for Beta Carotene.

Menopause and Later Years –ย To protect against age spots ensure you have Selenium in your diet, this can be found in Brazil nuts,broccoli,spinach,sunflower seeds, chia seeds.Hydration is also key so plenty of water!

These are just a few tips to keep your skin glowing from the inside out, as always drinking lots of water is vital.

So here’s to Happy Glowing Skin!xx


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