Tips For Cheaper Travel!

As you know I love to travel and it can be expensive so here are my tricks and the things I like to do to reduce costs where possible!


  • When looking for flights, sign up to different airlines on social media and for their newsletter on their website as this is where you will hear about their offers and sales.
  • If travelling within Europe, I use Ryanair a lot but I don’t check through a bag though if I’m only doing a long weekend as this can sometimes cost up to €70. I make everything fit in my carry on and just downsize what I need. If you pick up travel size products and don’t take your entire makeup bag of products and plan your outfits carefully then it can be done!
  • Downsizing what clothes you bring can be done by checking the weather forecast and also layering your clothes while travelling. Also shoes weigh more and take up more space so try to bring only one or two pairs for a long weekend and pick a pair that goes with most outfits. Worst case scenario you can buy a new pair wherever you travel to!
  • I check travel blogs, message boards and travel company sites for inspiration on travel routes as these are written by either people who have been there or have worked out the best and most straightforward route. This will also help you figure out any visas or requirements you might need for travelling.
  • If booking accommodation, I will watch sites like and for deals on hotel rooms or hostels. Always check the reviews though as sometimes hotel and hostel information can be deceptive. I always do a quick trip advisor check to see what the worst things mentioned about the place are. I have booked on all of these sites and have never had problems.
  • INSURANCE!!! If you are doing a few trips in the year then buy yearly travel insurance as opposed to buying for every journey. Be very wary of the insurance that you can get from travel companies as this is nicely offered when you are bursting with excitement after booking your trip, I know this unfortunately from experience and €150 down the drain. Always check what it includes as it can cost you if you run into trouble. If you are travelling around Europe and you are an EU citizen then you should apply for your European Health Insurance Card which will allow you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes free. But if you are travelling somewhere like the Greek islands for example then they tend to have a lot of private clinics rather than state owned facilities so this is where having decent travel insurance will help and I always make sure that I pay extra to have the excess covered. Otherwise you have to pay the first portion before your insurance kicks in and this can sometimes be up to €150.
  • Cookies…not the kind you eat but the kind that websites have to see their sites traffic! If a site sees you coming back over and over then it can sometimes affect pricing. Clear your cache on your laptop or pc or just use a different computer.



So you have my travel planning tips, some are common sense and others I’ve picked up along the way. Hope this helps if you are planning your summer adventure.

Have a great day!!xx

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