Let’s do this 2016…Aims & Goals

So we are nearly into the third week of January, some of us are recovering from the  craziness that is the Christmas party season and a demanding December at work. In a way I kinda love the January feeling as its like hitting the reset button, things we didn’t get a chance to do or some aims we might have started to give up on are renewed again. After a pretty awful 2014, I have to say 2015 was unbelievably great for me and I have a feeling 2016 is gonna be better. Here are my aims for January and 2016…

  •  I don’t try to start my healthy eating day one..cos I am 100% going to fail! I’m gradually trying to wean myself off the junk food and aim to be in a good routine by the end of the month.
  • The same goes for exercise…I dislike it…intensely! but it does wonders for your body and you do feel amazing after a workout so push through the pain.
  • I procrastinate all the time…Its like an art form for me at this stage and definitely needs to stop! But in fairness to me I can get a weeks work done in one day when I put my mind to it.lol
  • TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL….this has always been my love and I absolutely love seeing new places and meeting new people so I want to get a few good trips in again this year. I’m completely a wanderlust at heart!
  • And last but by no means least give my Blog more attention. I started this at a new point in my life and 2016 is gonna have a new crop of changes as I’ll be moving house and more so I plan to be writing more in 2016.

So whatever you have planned or maybe not planned but have thought you would like to do in 2016 then take it slowly and take baby steps and it will all happen.

Have a happy & awesome 2016!xx




4 thoughts on “Let’s do this 2016…Aims & Goals

  1. Jesus don’t forget to tell Josie when you’re moving house!!!
    Great blog – always a good read. If only the ppl reading knew the amazing girl behind it.
    Here’s to you having a wonderful 2016.

    Liked by 1 person

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