How I Care for my Make Up Brushes

When you invest in a good set of makeup brushes, it’s pretty important to know how to look after them. Improper care has a few downsides, first downside is your expensive brushes will be ruined and second downside is if you don’t clean your brushes then you are leaving bacteria build up and that will lead to skin breakouts. So here are some simple tips to care for your investment…..


Care of Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic brushes are generally used for creams or liquid products such as lipstick, gel liners, cream blush, foundation or concealer. Creams and liquids are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria because of their moist environment so you should clean these brushes every other day if possible. For wax and cream based product you will need a brush cleaner that breaks down the grease in the product.

Care of Natural Brushes

Natural brushes are generally best used for dry products such as powder, bronzer and powder blushers. These are ok to clean once a week, I like to use Johnson’s Baby shampoo as it’s quite a gentle formula but Dove Beauty Bar is another popular one to use. Rinse the brushes in water, put some shampoo in the palm of your hand and swirl the bristles in the shampoo till a lather forms. Massage the product through then rinse until the water runs clean. I try not to get the entire head of the brush wet as I think it can sometimes breakdown the glue and loosen the bristles.

Drying the Brushes

The drying of the brushes is as important as the cleaning, using a towel , squeeze the excess water from the bristles and then place the brushes on a windowsill or the edge of a table to dry naturally. Try and place them somewhere warmer as if they are left in a damper place like a bathroom then it can leave the brushes with a funny smell. Some people stand the brushes in a cup or container but the problem with that is again the water seeps down the bristle and can loosen the glue which will lead to bristles falling out.

I hope these tips helps you to keep your brushes looking and feeling like new. But remember these tips are for make up brushes that you would use for personal use only. Obviously if you are using makeup brushes as a professional makeup artist they would need to be cleaned after ever client. If you are at a photo shoot or doing a bridal makeup and find that you haven’t yet built up enough brushes in your set then there is another brush cleaner that removes 99.9% of bacteria and cleans so quickly. It’s called Cinema Secrets but it can be quite pricey but is amazing!


Have a Happy Sunday!!xx


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