Tips for Healthy Teeth★

After a recent trip to the hygienist, I was reminded of the importance of taking care of your teeth and not just for appearance sake. Unhealthy gums can provide bad bacteria with an easy access to the body so here are my top 5 quick tips for healthy teeth and gums and keeping that mega watt smile…..


  1. Floss daily as this strengthens gums, removes food particles and a build up of plaque. I like to use Oral B Superfloss
  2. Brush your teeth twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes using a soft brush, not a medium or hard bristle one. If you have an electric toothbrush then that’s even better!
  3. Visit you hygienist every 6 months for a full clean and check up. Ensure you find a good hygienist that does a full check of the mouth, gums and neck for irregularities.
  4. Avoid sugary foods and foods that stick to the teeth and damage them.Try to keep tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and fruit juices to a minimum as they can damage the teeth.
  5. Eat a well balanced diet including lots of Vit D, Calcium and Vit C for healing and healthy gums.


Happy Smiles!xx

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