Berlin – Holiday review

This was my first time in Berlin and Germany for that matter. Berlin has a lot of personality and I have to say….Berliners LOVE their food!



The Berliners are polite and helpful which is good. As for food…the people of Berlin love to eat!I have never seen so many food outlets in such a small area in my life! They have McDonald’s, Burger king, Currywurst, Asian food outlets, sandwich bars and much more all over the place. But restaurants weren’t a big thing in the area we were so that’s a lot of what we ate.


We stayed at the One 80 hostel which is a great base location wise.It advertises soundproofed rooms and a nightclub attached. It has neither, the nightclub hasn’t opened in a year although noise isn’t too much of a problem.We also had to wait ages to check in, over 30 minutes at least as the staff move at the speed of an arthritic turtle. It does have a great location though really close to Alexanderplatz!


wpid-2015-10-26_21.42.26.jpgThere are lots of things to do in Berlin, it’s a busy and fun city. As it was October we went to the Oktoberfest festival in the Alexanderplatz. They do have an official tent about 40 minutes outside the city but we just went to the one at Alexanderplatz as we were 2 mins from it. It was really fun and if you like beer then you will be in your element. We also did the Hop on Hop off tour bus, these are a great way to see the city. They leave from just around the corner from Alexanderplatz and there are two lines yellow and purple. The yellow line is €20 and the purple line is €15. These tour buses take in Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall Memorial and more. We also went to the Aqua Dom and Sea life which was really cool, usually it costs €17.95 per adult. We got ours at two for the price of one because we got them at the tourist office at the Hauptbahnhoff. We also went to the TV Tower which has the most amazing view of Berlin. It also has a restaurant which you need to make a reservation for as it’s a  popular attraction. It costs €13.00 to go up and check out the view from the panoramic floor.wpid-2015-10-26_21.39.56.jpg


Berlin is quite easy to get around, the metro is really handy and quite cheap from €1.60. I don’t know if it’s a regular thing but the tickets for the Aqua Dom and Sea Life were two for the price of one for adults from the Tourist office in the Hauptbahnhoff. We got flights from Ryanair which were pretty reasonable and it goes in to Berlin Schonefeld. This is really easy to get to the city centre from by train.


Berlin is a great city which tons to do! I didn’t find it overly expensive either and its pretty easy to get around. I think I would definitely like to take a trip back there again as we only did a long weekend and even though we fit a lot in there were other things I would have liked to see.

So Happy Travels!xx

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