Be More Confident.♡

Confidence is amazing thing to have whether it’s work related, relationships or just life in general. It will help you to try new things, meet new people and succeed where you might have fallen down before. Some people are naturally confident but others need to build it. Here are some tips on how to build a new confident you and to go after the life you’ve always wanted….

Avoid negativity and surround yourself with positivity

Evaluate the people you surround yourself with. Anyone that puts you down or undermines your confidence is a negative in your life. Taking a step back from them for a while and working on your self esteem is huge start.

Smile more and stand straight

When you are smiling,you are more approachable. People are naturally drawn to happy smiling people. Also stand up straight, apart from being good for your back and posture. It also has a slimming effect and makes you appear confident.

Set yourself goals

They don’t need to be big goals as you can set yourself up for failure that way. You need to start with small ones, ones that you know you can achieve. The more small goals you achieve the better you will feel about yourself.


You will be releasing all those endorphins which will make you feel great and keep negativity from getting to you.Apart from feeling great you will be healthier for it.


Becoming more knowledgeable is a great way to build confidence. It will give you confidence when having conversation with people and you will feel more empowered. There are lots of educational institutions,websites,books and magazines where you can build your knowledge in an area you are interested in.

Be Grateful

Be happy with all the positives in your life and what other people have done for you. To do this is very humbling. You will also create a better self image and stop beating yourself up over what you don’t have.


I hope some these tips help.Start slow and stay positive. Have a great day!xx

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