Prague – Holiday Review

The final part of my trip was to Prague, a very beautiful city with amazing history. I wish I had more time here as there was so much to do and see.



The weather was mixed, we had some hotter days around 25C+ but most we around 20C. It did get a little chilly in the evenings though so have a light jacket.


wpid-2015-09-27_11.48.39.jpgThe people in Prague were lovely, they range from chilled cool types to people who went there on holidays and never left. On the first night we ate in an Asian restaurant called Zebra. The service was ok but they were really busy, the food was delish though so I would definitely recommend it. There is a huge variety of foods in Prague from little cafe’s, restaurants and your bigger named food franchises so you won’t be stuck for choice. Another place to consider is James Dean Restaurant which we didn’t eat at but is a great bar at night, it is an original American diner but has great music and a really fun vibe. We went back there a few nights as we loved it so much


We stayed at the Hotel U Zlateho Jelena on Celetna street which was literally right off the Old Town Square in the heart of the city. It was an amazing location and a real old style hotel. We booked it that morning before leaving Salzburg so we got a great last-minute deal.

Where do I start! There is so much to see in Prague, it has an amazing history and beautiful architecture. We did the city walking tour which is actually free but its taken that you give your guide a tip and the guides are really funny and have a lot of knowledge so it’s worth it. If you feel that’s not enough then there’s the Ultimate Tour of Prague which takes you on boats, walks and tram. My travel buddy did it and said it was great but pretty tiring so don’t plan anything too big for that evening . We also did some short tours – the Grevin Wax museum which has a mix of Czech celebrities and world-wide stars. It was a fun way to pass an hour in the morning and they have a little café so you can rest and plan the rest of your day. The wax museum costs 290kc. We did the Torture Museum which was in a dungeon style building. That was pretty gruesome and I wimped out for most of it! That was 160CZK. We also went to Terezin. Terezin was the concentration camp that Hitler used as a GESTAPO prison and ghetto. It wasn’t a death camp but thousands still died here from mistreatment and living conditions. It is heart breaking to hear what people went through but I felt it was such a huge part of history that I should see it. The tour costs 750CZK and it takes a full day but you will come away with a much greater appreciation what you have in life after. There are lots of other tours that can be done such as Kutna Hora and Bone chapel tour, Prague Castle and castle district tour, Brewery Tours, Legends and Fables tour, Segway sightseeing tour, Communism and nuclear bunker tour, pub crawl and Zizkov Tower. We did Terezin and the free city walk tour with Discover Prague Tours and their guides are lovely so I’d recommend them.



If you like to shop then there are plenty of shopping centres and bargains to be had so leave space in the case for your purchases. In the evenings there are often acts playing music and performing acts in the Old Town Square which can be great! Just one caution, it’s a great place for pick pockets so just be aware. The Prague Astronomical clock is also in the square and its impressive to look at and people love to wait and watch the show.


This is a really amazing city, it was beautiful and vibrant in August but I think it would be even more amazing to visit in the winter for their Christmas markets. If you want somewhere that has a rich history, warm people and is reasonably priced then you should pop Prague on your list of places to visit.

Happy Travels.xx

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