Hvar – Holiday Review


If you have read my previous blog then you will know that this is the second stop on my trip. Hvar was possibly my favourite stop, I absolutely loved it there! So here goes….


It was really hot here, roughly 35C + most days but it wasn’t the heat that I had the problem with but the humidity! I swelled up like a balloon from the humidity but even so I still loved Hvar. Again if high temperatures and humidity are not your thing then choose a cooler time of the year than july/august.


The people here were quite friendly, I’m guessing because Hvar is such a huge tourist island they have a lot more tolerance for us. We ate one night in Fresh Pasta House which was yummy if you like pasta and they have a delicious cookie dessert! Another night we ate Spice Asian Restaurant which was also delicious.  There are also a great nightlife here! You have bars such as Aloha and Kiva and if you can handle it, you can get a taxi boat at 2AM to the nightclub Carpe Diem on a smaller island which stays going til 6AM.


We were very lucky with our accommodation throughout our trip especially since we were booking a day or two in advance. We stayed in the Helvita Apartments in Hvar which were lovely and they also have a hostel. The island was very busy when we were there so we were lucky to get any accommodation!The people who owned this accommodation were very nice to deal with also.


Even though Hvar is an island there are some fun things to do. One of the main things I wanted to do was see the Blue Caves and I did, they are stunning! wpid-img-20150814-wa0022.jpgThe only thing I will say is have your camera at the ready if you are heading there in peak season like us as you will only have about 5minutes in the cave to get photos. We did our trip with Matko Boat and it cost 500KN, this also includes the 50KN entry fee for the caves.They make a full day out of it and you are taken to the caves by speedboat and then visit 5 or 6 islands including the green caves on the way back to Hvar.wpid-img-20150814-wa0000-1.jpg It was a fab day out and everyone absolutely loved it! Because there are no proper beaches in Hvar itself, you can hop on a taxi boat for 40KN and see some of the smaller surrounding islands to have lunch and sunbathe. We didn’t explore the rest of the island but it looked fab!



Like I said in the last post if you are coming from Dubrovnik then there are direct ferries but they book up fast in high season. We got the ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj for 16KN and then a bus from Sucuraj to StariGrad and then to Hvar for 65KN.


I was sorry to have to leave Hvar, it was the only place we added an extra night to so that in itself tells you how we felt about it. The people here were  much more chilled out and more helpful which may have been another reason for us loving the island. Hvar is a beautiful fun island and definitely worth a visit.

Happy Travels!!xx

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