Dubrovnik – Holiday Review


I’m sitting here after an amazing 2 weeks travelling in Croatia, Austria and Czech Republic. We went to Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Salzburg and Prague. Today I am gonna do my travel review and tips on Dubrovnik but stay tuned as I’ll be writing about the other destinations at a later date.


Dubrovnik was my first stop in Croatia and the weather was quite hot, roughly 35C most days and sunny. It is important to use a good SPF and also bring it with you to reapply if you are doing tours. The heat in the Old Town in Dubrovnik can get a bit stifling as there isn’t much of a breeze so if you don’t like high temperature then maybe avoid the summer months and choose a cooler time of the year.


The people in Croatia I found to be in two categories – the first being really really friendly and helpful and the second being quite unhelpful and frankly a little rude. I found there were more friendly people in Dubrovnik as they dealt with tourists a lot more than other areas. The food was very varied so you should have no trouble finding something to your liking. We ate in Domino Steak House which was inside the Old Town and it was yummy plus the waiters were lovely. We also ate at Gatsby Restaurant which was a little pricier but nice, it was more fine dining.


We stayed at the Stanos Hostel which was just outside the Old Town a short distance. It took about 5 minutes to walk to the entrance of the old town which was great! The hostel is pretty basic but the family that own it are so lovely and helpful and I was sad to leave.


wpid-20150810_120234.jpgThere is so much to do here, and if you are a Game Of Thrones fan then you will be in your element as this is what us fans refer to as King’s Landing! There are so many Game of Thrones tours, they range from walking tours for 180KN or Game of Thrones Driving tours to other areas where they film for 300KN or if you want to do it yourself then you can. wpid-2015-08-10_18.21.02.jpg

It costs 100kn to walk on the walls yourself, this also includes entrance to Lovrijenac Fortress. There is also an Ice Bar in Dubrovnik if you wish to escape the heat, and Kayaking tours are also really popular. We did one but just a warning some of them are 3 hours long so if you are not a fitness type you may hate it after the first hour! I also want to mention this lovely man who has a shop in the Old Town, he spent ages going through filming locations and showing us his own private photos. Heres a link and pop in to see him if you are there OPG Sardi .


If you are working your way along the coast like we did then just to let you know that the bus from the Old Town to the Port/Bus station is either the 1A, 1B or 3 and it costs 12KN. Here you have the Jadrolinija ferry company and the bus station. We got a bus from Dubrovnik to Drvenik which cost 89KN and have your passport on you as you part of the road is Bosnian so you will have passport control. You also have a private ferry company that do ferries from Dubrovnik to Hvar direct but they were completely booked up so that’s why we ended up taking the longer route. Also you have to pay 7KN to the bus driver to put your bags in the holding section. Kinda found that one a bit strange!


Dubrovnik is a beautiful city and has so much to offer. If you can ignore the people that are not very forthcoming with information then you will have an amazing time. I would definitely recommend a trip there and hope to get back some time in the future.

Happy Travelling!xx

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