Adult Acne – Causes and Treatment tips

This is a problem that a lot of people suffer from and I have recently….adult acne. It is so tormenting and the only way to get rid of it is to discover the reason behind it and then treat it. Here are some of the main causes of adult acne:


1. Hormone fluctuations – This can be caused by taking or changing the pill and before periods and/or before menopause.I know…you think you would at least catch a break at this point!Also high testosterone or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) could also be an underlying cause. PCOS affects 5 -10% of women without them knowing they have it. If your acne is accompanied with excessive hair growth and irregular periods then maybe mention it to your GP at your next checkup.

2.Diet – If your diet is loaded with non nutritious foods like take aways, chocolate and sweet things then your body isn’t getting what it needs. This sort of diet may make an already temperamental skin type much worse also. Some food tolerances could also be playing havoc with your skin.

3.Stress – Stress is so bad for the body in every way, it is believed that stress can signal the release of cortisol. This is a hormone that tells your body to produce more oil, which clogs pores and worsens acne.

Ways to Treat:

1. Treating adult acne with products is slightly different, yes the teenage acne products will work but as you get older the skin thins so it is more prone to irritation from harsh products. So slowly introduce a new product and give it two weeks for the skin to adjust before adding another product to your routine. Also ensure you have a really good basic skin care routine and are cleaning all makeup and daily buildup off your skin before bed. Trying a mask once to twice a week will also help. I like a mask called Devina’s Choice which is available online Here

2. Give your diet a bit of an overhaul, high-glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates like white bread and high sugar foods raise blood sugar levels and insulin levels. These both boost male hormones in the body which in turn lead to break outs. The trick is to eat a low GI balanced diet loaded with vegetables and whole grains.

3. Visit the GP,if you are finding that your acne is extremely persistent and accompanied with other symptoms then it might be worth getting a check up. Also your GP could prescribe oral medications for treatment of very severe acne. I would always say to research any medications recommended before you begin to see if it is the right course for you as they can sometimes come with their own problems.

4. Visit a dermatologist, they can tailor a skin care routine for you and give advice on treatment like light therapy, laser and more. It will also reduce some of the stress as you won’t feel like you are fighting the acne battle on your own.

I hope some of these tips help, I know how awful it feels when your skin is playing up. Staying in the house and covering your head feels like the best idea sometimes but if you discover the cause, then treatment will be straightforward. Just remember your not alone!

Have a great day! Xx

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