A little something to help stay positive….

Hi All, I wanted to share with you something that helped me stay positive through some of the more crappier days in life. Last year was a particularly awful year by most standards for me.I was doing ok but one day as I was browsing through the bookstore (I love books and reading!) and I ended up in front of a book called The Power of Your Subconscious Mindby Dr Joseph Murphy.


I have never read books like this, i’m more of a thriller novel type of girl but I have found it to be a brilliant read. I try to follow it as much as possible and focus on what I want my life to be like and make it happen. If you are silently going through something painful, feel you have low self esteem, ย that you can never find the right partner and whatever else you might be going through then give this a read. It’s not going to instantly remove your problems but it may help you deal with them in a more positive light and a better frame of mind.

Happy Tuesday!! Xxx

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