Cocoa Brown Tan Review

Cocoa brown has come to light recently on an international stage thanks to Kylie Jenner but it has had it’s own popularity here at home before that.

I use the original which is the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, it is still my favourite.  Cocoa Brown is a mousse tan, it is really easy to use as it has a hint of colour as a guide and I apply with a tan mitt. It is supposed to develop in 1 hour and if you want a light glow then that should be enough. But if you want a deeper colour then you need to leave it a couple of more hours. You could also apply cocoa brown and head out as there is no sticky residue, it’s fast drying and there is no fake tan smell. It smells like tahitian gardenia. It comes in a 150ml can and costs €7.99. It is available at cocoa brown and here are some before and after pics.Also don’t forget these fake tanning tips from my previous post!






Happy Tanning!


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