The Beautiful Blogger Award!!!


I would first like thank TheSassyEditor for my nomination!check out her amazing blog, twitter and instagram!

Here are the rules:

Link to the blogger that nominated you

List seven random things about yourself

Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers

Notify the amazing people that you have nominated them for the award!

7 Random Facts About Myself

1.I love to dance….LOVE IT! I think I’m an extra in FAME when the music comes on.

2.I used to work on a cruise ship…not for the faint hearted!

3.I am a beauty product addict, I love trying all sorts of creams and potions!

4.I’m an aries – stubborn, headstrong, daredevil, optimistic, curious and loyal.

5.I think travelling is the most amazing thing to do. It broadens your mind and I try to go somewhere every year even if it’s a long weekend.

6.I love to read but it has to be a proper book and not a kindle and thrillers are the best. I especially love reading all your fab blogs for tips and hints.

7.I love to keep things positive and try to constantly remind myself of how lucky I am. Life is a blessing, live it to the full.


1. PolishedByAmy







Thanks again for the nomination! I’d love if you would link me so I can see your responses and can read them all. xxx

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