Cancun Holiday Review

I haven’t done a holiday review in a while so I thought I’d give my impressions on my trip to Cancun.

It was my first time staying in an all-inclusive resort and it took a bit of getting used to. I’ve always wanted to do an all-inclusive holiday at least once to see what I would think of it. Problem is I love exploring and finding nice little restaurants and meeting the locals so what I guess I’m saying is I don’t think it’s for me….yet.

Things to do – I managed to find something to do outside the hotel. We went snorkelling with the Amstar tour group which was beautiful as it is after all the second largest reef in the world. There was so many different types of fish to see, It was amazing! We also did the Selvatica Canopy Extreme adventure and corona rally. The Canopy adventure included 12 zipline circuit in the jungle while the rally consisted of driving a buggy through the forest and swimming in a cenote(cave diving site). I absolutely loved it as I love anything adventurous! You can also do the swim with dolphins. Or if you want to take in one of the historical sites such as the Chichen Itza or the ancient Mayan ceremonial center Xcaret.

Weather – We went in late march so the weather wasn’t great. It was cloudy most days and rained a few days too. When the sun did show itself it was really hot though!

Hotel and Food – We stayed at the Now Jade Riviera which was really lovely, there were a few things we had problems with our room being wrong but they had an amazing manager that upgraded us because of the hassle. It really is idyllic, the hotel is situated on the beach with 24 hour room service. Included in the all-inclusive deal was dining in a choice of 8 restaurants including French cuisine, Asian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Italian cuisine and more. It has 3 pools and an adult only pool with a swim up to bar…I loved that! There is a roof top tennis court which we gave a go. If you felt up to it you could partake in the aerobics class by the pool or some yoga. It has an amazing gym/fitness center and spa which I definitely visited! There was also pool and beach wait service if the sunbathing was just too tiresome and you couldn’t make it to the bar for refreshments. The food was great in all the restaurant’s we ate and the breakfast and lunch was always lovely. I loved the little café with the little pastries. It has ALOT more facilities and activities than I have mentioned though!

Overall – Cancun was really great, there were a lot more things to see and do than I got to do. The hotel was pretty amazing but I just couldn’t get my head around going in to the café and ordering a coffee and pastry and just walking out without a money transaction. Maybe if I had stayed there longer than a week I would have gotten used to the whole all-inclusive deal! It is a great place for families as kids have a constant supply of food and drinks and there are tons of kids activities on daily so parents get a chance to relax. If you do go then try to do some activities outside the hotel. The Mexican people are lovely and friendly and I actually found the people that we dealt with on our day trips friendlier than those that worked in the hotel.

So Happy Travels!x

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