The Amazing uses of Coconut Oil


I’ve recently started using coconut oil on my skin and it’s amazing! Here are some ways to use this wonder oil…

~Coconut oil can be used as a great shaving gel


~It makes a great make up remover

~Add to smoothies for extra nutrition or use it to cook with


~Add to the bath tub with some essential oils for an extra moisturising soak

~Coconut oil makes an amazing hair mask or you can use it for reducing frizz in the hair

~Massage into nails and cuticles to soften and nourish

Elegant tulips manicured hand and pedicured feet

~It makes an amazing moisturiser for the body and you can add some essential oils to make it a massage oil.

~If you have a small container then keep a little of it in your bag as it works as a great lip salve or hand salve.

~Apply to the cheekbones over makeup as a highlighter

~Mix equal amounts of sea salt or sugar to the coconut oil to make an amazing body scrub

These are just a few uses of the oil but there are many more uses out there. So enjoy!x

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