Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation Review


I recently picked up a new foundation, the Smashbox Studio skin.At first I was a bit unsure if it was for me.So I’ll let you know how I found it and you can decide for yourselves.

My skin can get a bit troublesome at different times of the month so I like to have quite good coverage. The studio skin goes on quite well, the texture isn’t too heavy but you can build it up easily though if you need the extra coverage. Also it does set quite quickly so you need to be fast applying it. I use a stippling brush to apply it which makes it easier to build up on my problem areas. The studio skin says it is also oil free and hydrating, I did find I still went a bit shiny on the t-zone.

It also says it lasts 15 hours, it does have great staying power. It really does last for a whole night out which is great! I just used some mattifying powder on the t-zone. I got the 1.2 colour which is light with a slightly yellow tone but the 2.1 is darker and better when you have fake tan on.(I got a sample of the 2.1)The packaging is a 30ml glass bottle with a pump which is easy to use plus you don’t use too much product when there is a pump. This is good as it cost €36 for a 30ml bottle.

Overall I do like the product, I like the staying power of it and the coverage. I also like the packaging which is quite sleek. I would prefer if it didn’t make me quite so shiny on the t-zone and if I got the Smashbox primer it may combat that. The 2.1 does match really well with my skin when I have tan on which is great. I would recommend it but get a sample to ensure you are getting the perfect shade for you!

Hope you had a Happy Monday!

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