Tips for De-Stressing


After a CRAAAAZZZY busy stressful two weeks i’m so tired.So it is time to recharge!Here are some of my tricks for de stressing and unwinding….

Exercise – This is one of the greatest ways to de-stress, exercise triggers the release of endorphins. If you are not able for a full on work out then a walk in the park will do just as nicely.

Breathing Technique – When everything around you is pretty hectic and you feel like things are coming at you from all angles then just take 5 minutes.Take deep, slow breaths and just concentrate on your breathing.Tune out the thoughts buzzing in your head and count to 10. It’s amazing how doing this for just 5mins can start to relax you.

Soak in the tub – There is nothing nicer than a soak in the bath, you can add some muscle relaxing bath soak or essential oils to make it even better. Also light some citrus candles as the scent of citrus promotes relaxation.

Sit down for a cuppa – Being Irish means from a young age no matter what happened in the house, it would be solved or thought about over a cup of tea! Have a green tea for extra de stressing  as it is a great source of L Theamine, a chemical which promotes the relieving of feelings of anger.

Hang out with friends – This is so important, your true friends are the people who can make you laugh till your sides hurt.They will lift your spirits when you are feeling down and will provide a shoulder to cry on when needed.

Make a list – If you feel like you are getting snowed under then write a list, then you can see what is a priority. Also if you are like me then you will love ticking things off your list.

Sleep – It is vital to the body to get the proper amount of sleep, at least 8 hours.If you are not getting enough sleep, then your body isn’t getting a chance to re charge and your ability to handle stress is reduced.Also studies show that you need a decent nights sleep for healing and repair so if you want glowy skin then those 8 hours will be needed!

Diet – You need to eat right for your body to function right, if you don’t eat the right foods then your energy and hormone levels can dip.This will prevent you from being able to cope when you start getting stressed.

I hope some of these help, stress is so bad for the body and our lives are so hectic it’s always important to take a time out for yourself and re charge.

Have a happy Sunday! Xx

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