Rimmel Provocalips Review


I have been looking for a lipstick that has intense colour but that also has great staying power. I picked up a few of the Rimmel Provocalips lip colour and I have to say they are AMAZING!!! It’s a 2 step application, first apply the lip colour and once that has dried you have to apply the clear lock and shine coat.

They claim to stay on for 16hrs and to be non transferable. These colours definitely keep up to both of those claims. I wore the red colour first called Kiss Me You Fool, I genuinely thought I would never fully clean it off my lips!!!It has some amazing staying power, so if you want to get these off you need to use an oil based makeup remover or just some plain coconut oil. The downside is they are drying on the lips so if you are already suffering with dry lips then these lip colours won’t help. They won’t transfer colour though which is great and if your lips start to dry out a little then you can top up with the clear lock and shine coat. The colours are really solid and vibrant. I also love the packaging, it is girlie and really slim so it will fit in your clutch or handbag on a night out. Here are some swatches of the few I picked up…

500 – Kiss Me You Fool

310 – Little Minx

image230 – Kiss Fatal

So I hope this helps if you are on a mission for long lasting lip colour!

Happy Sunday!xx

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