Dr Murad Skincare – Reduce pigmentation routine!

So I noticed after my last holiday that I was getting some pigmentation on my face. I’ve been using the Natural Elements moisturiser but unfortunately it doesn’t do anything for pigmentation. So I decided to invest in a few extra bits in my skincare regime. The skincare specialist recommended some products from the Dr Murad range.

So I use the Renewing Cleansing Cream to wash my face morning and night, it’s a creamy wash which leaves the skin really soft and hydrated. The wash comes in a 200ml tube and you only need to use a tiny amount as it goes a really long way and apparently a bottle should last a few months. In the morning I use the Advanced Active Radiance serum under the Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser SPF15. The serum is used really sparingly and has a slight smell of orange of it. The day moisturiser leaves the skin beautiful and glowy, it is also really hydrating and has an SPF to help prevent more pigmentation. It has a very light fragrance to it and you won’t need to apply too much as it spreads really well. At night I use the White Brilliance wrinkle and pore refining treatment under my Natural Elements moisturiser. The treatment which is a bit pricey is used sparingly and again there isn’t a very strong scent off of it. It should last ages though as you only used a very light layer of it.

Overall I’ve only used all the products once but I’ve already seen a difference! My skin has a real glow to it and looks more hydrated already. I really love the Sheer Lustre Moisturiser as it leaves the skin so dewy and it would be amazing under your make up if you are going for a dewy look. But the Cleanser is also great and even though it is a wash it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry as some can do. I’ll keep going with the regime and hopefully my skin will continue to improve!

So Happy skincare everyone!x

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