Rhodes – Holiday Review

It’s gonna be holiday time soon…here’s the low down on one of the greek islands, Rhodes.



Firstly, as with any Greek island  the weather is amazing. I went in August and the temperatures were on average 40ºC. So if you don’t like high temperatures then earlier in the summer might suit you better. Definitely ensure you are packing a really high SPF!


The people are so friendly and helpful. They really want you to enjoy your holiday and experience the greek way of life. There is such a laid back atmosphere that it is pretty hard not to enjoy yourself! The food is a mix, you can have traditional greek cuisine such as moussaka,souvlaki, gyros with tzatziki sauce but if you are not feeling like sampling the local cuisine then there are plenty of places that cater for the tourists from chinese to mexican food and everything in between.We ate at a family run place called Manolis restaurant which you need to get to early if you want a table as it is so popular,the food was amazing traditional greek food and the staff were great.Panchos mexican restaurant was also great, both are in Faliraki.


We stayed at the Rhodos Sun in Faliraki, greek accommodation tends to be more basic which is fine as you will be out exploring and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was spotlessly clean, the family who run it are lovely and really friendly and helpful. Also on a monday nights they have are really fun BBQ with games and some delicious food!It’s a really fun night out.


LINDOS ACROPOLIS is really amazing and there is loads to see there. Go early in the day as the temperatures really go up in the afternoon and it is quite a walk up to the acropolis!You can get a “lindos taxi” which is a donkey. I preferred to walk as I felt sorry for the donkey having to carry me up in that insane heat!Tsambika beach is beautiful and the view from Tsambika monastery is amazing. The medieval town of Rhodes is the oldest inhabited town in europe is so lovely and there are loads of little shops to browse and streets to wander through with lots of places to have lunch and relax.If you like wandering through rustic forestry then you might like Seven Springs, the tunnel walk is fun but only if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia.Although when i went through the tunnel there was about 20 other people so I didn’t get much chance to think about the cramped space! The Valley of the Butterflies is really beautiful, there is only one type of butterfly but it is still beautiful when they all fly around you!So try and wait till there is a quite moment and there will be better chance of this happening. If you enjoyed Lindos then you might like to check out Ancient Kamiros on the north west of the island. When we were in Rhodes we hired a car and travelled up and down the east and west coast, it was so beautiful and easy to drive there( they drive on the left).If you are driving,take a trip to the southern most point where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet.I loved it!As well as all these tourist spots you also have your regular fun to do things like parasailing,boating day trips, jet skiing, snorkling.Anthony Quinn bay is famous for the filming of The Guns of Navarone.

Faliraki itself has a bad rep from a few years ago but to be honest we had no trouble and I travelled with my sister.  If you want a  crazy nite out it can be had but a family night with a game of pitch and putt or just a chilled out dinner with drinks can also be had. I loved it!


Enjoy planning and happy travels! x

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