Best Eyebrow Shape for you!

So let’s talk eyebrow’s..having the correct eyebrow shape can have an amazing effect on the overall look of your face. It can literally take years off of you and make the face appear slimmer. Also your eye make up with look so much better. So to get started, you need to begin by determining your face shape. This is the most important part so take time identifying your face shape. These are the 6 basic face shapes:


Now that you have figured out your face shape then we can look at the best eyebrow shapes for each face shape.

OVAL FACE- Considered the ideal face shape, all brow shapes suit but a soft angled shaped eyebrow tends to suit best.

LONG FACE – The idea is to make the face appear shorter, a flat brow shape does just that.

ROUND FACE – You need to create as high an arch as you can to make the face appear longer. Avoid rounded brow shapes as they will make the face more rounded looking.

SQUARE FACE – A square face needs to be softened with a angled or curved brow. Also thicker and stronger coloured brows bring balance to the strong jawline of a square face.

HEART FACE – Best suited to rounded brows, a higher arch to the brow tends to be more dramatic while a lower arch has a natural look to it.

DIAMOND FACE – You want to soften the angles of a diamond face so again you will go with curved or more rounded brows to soften the look.

Check out this chart of what the different eyebrow shapes look like:

One other thing to take in to consideration is where the eyebrow should start,arch and finish. This chart shows the basic rule that any beauty therapist or make up artist would use when shaping the brow:

So hope you enjoyed and happy brow shaping! x

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