Laser Eye Surgery – Surgery and Post Surgery

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On the day of surgery I was sooooo nervous but I shouldn’t have been. The staff was amazing and the surgery itself was completely painless. When I arrived I had my eye checks and eye scans done again. Then I was seen by the surgeon who ensured that it was safe to go ahead. Then I was given my aftercare instructions and given something to relax me, this is of course optional but I had managed to work myself into quite a state at the thought of surgery so I said bring it on!!They put anaesthetic drops into the eyes which take about 10 seconds to work.Once this is done then it is time for surgery which takes 20 minutes, you feel nothing while you look at an orange light and your vision goes slightly blurry. That is the only indication that your eye is being worked on and then it is all over! The nurse goes through the aftercare again and the surgeon checks your eyes before you leave.

Post Surgery

I was advised that the anaesthetic would wear off roughly an hour after surgery and to take pain relief. I didn’t wait the hour and took it straight after leaving the clinic. I was also warned that the eyes would water and boy did they water for quite a few hours after!!It is important not to rub or touch the eyes so just leave the eyes water.I was also warned they may feel gritty and heavy, I didn’t have any grittiness but I could barely open my eyes for hours as they so heavy so I slept and that had cleared by the time I woke up. They also give you wrap around glasses so you don’t touch your eyes in your sleep and you have to instill a lot of drops to prevent infection and hydrate, roughly 10 – 20 per day. I’m on day 2 after surgery and It is so amazing to be able to see clearly without glasses or contacts.I have to say it is the best decision I have made and I am really happy with Optilase as a clinic. They are so professional and friendly and as I said previously I had worked myself into quite a state but they made me feel completely at ease.So if you are thinking about having laser eye surgery done then take the first step and go for the consultation!

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