At Home Manicure

imagesI don’t know about you but if I have my nails painted and looking pretty I feel like I’m at least half put together! But if you can’t make it to the salon for a manicure then never fear here is a guide to treating your hands to an at home manicure.All you will need is..

Nail File and Nail buffer, Orange wood stick, Tea Tree Oil , Base coat, Top coat , Hand Lotion, Bowl of warm water, Cuticle Oil

Start by removing any nail polish from the nails. Then using a soft or medium nail file, shape the nail.There are plenty of popular shapes to choose from…


Soak the hands in a bowl of warm water for about 5 mins to remove dust after filing and to soften the cuticle, you can add essential oils to the water such as tea tree oil which is also naturally antibacterial. If your hand’s are especially dry then you could do a mini scrub at this point and rinse off the gritty bits.

After drying off the hands, massage cuticle oil into the cuticle and use the orange wood stick to then push back your softened cuticle. Try not to cut the cuticle as they are there for a reason, to protect the nail bed. If you cut too far back you could end up with an infection and that will not look or feel good!

At this point you can either buff the nail, moisturise and admire your amazing work or if you want to add some colour then I prefer to paint the nails first and then moisturise. Always use a base coat to prevent your nails from becoming discolored and a top coat to seal in your polish. To moisturise I love the RITUALS Ginkgo’s Secret hand balm. It smells divine and your hand’s will be so soft after using it.


Colours that are popular for Spring/Summer 2015 are teal,hot pink, blush pink, soft grey, and blue.

mKA14CO6-RiQHFo0SXDfu_gdownload (2)


So have a Happy Manicure!!

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