Natural Elements Balancing Moisturiser Review


I came across a facial range at a recent beauty trade show called Natural Elements. It claims to be free from parabens, synthetic perfumes, petro-chemicals and made with 100% natural plant extracts. The philosophy is based on the idea that enriched vital oils and essential oils which are loaded with vitamins and omegas feed and nourish the skin and also protect from free radicals as they are also anti oxidant thus protecting the skin from aging.

They have 3 options in the moisturiser range:For 18 – 35 year old’s they have the 10 Years Younger kits, for 35+ they have the WOW kits and for 50+ they have WOW kit with Luxury and Revital oils.

The moisturiser kits include a blending moisturiser cream and an essential oil to suit your skin type. I have combination skin which is prone to breakouts so I was recommended the Balancing 10 Years Younger kit. I was a bit hesitant about putting an oil on my skin as my skin has a bit of a love/hate relationship with essential oils but it turns out it really likes this product. It doesn’t feel too heavy and you can work it into the skin really easily. I use just one pump of the blending cream and one pump of the balancing essential oil. I mix them in the palm of my hand before applying them to freshly cleansed skin. Alternatively you can massage the oil into the skin firstly and finish by applying the blending cream over it. There is a lovely scent of grapefruit and lavender off the balancing oil and it really leaves a lovely glow to the skin. It would be a really good base if you are looking for a dewy makeup look. It comes in a glass pump bottle which is a bit unfortunate if you are clumsy like me and prone to dropping things! Since I’ve started using this, my skin is more hydrated, really soft and I haven’t gotten as many breakouts. Overall I would recommend the product and would be interested in trying a few more items from the range. If I do i’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Until then have a Happy skincare routine!

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